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Mesh Laundry Bags: Net Clip Vs. Zippered

You’ve heard about the benefits of mesh laundry bags and have decided to purchase them for your business. After browsing through the different options, you’re probably wondering about the differences between the Net Clip and Zippered versions. To help you decide on the better option for your business, we’ve created this comparison.


Read on to learn the advantages and disadvantages of both mesh laundry bags.


Net Clip Mesh Laundry Bags – Pros vs Cons


The main advantage of the net clip laundry bag is its innovative alligator clip closure used to secure its contents. Unlike other types of closures such as pins, rubber, and drawstrings, using the alligator clip is simple.


Place your items in the bag, cinch it shut and then close the alligator clip. To reopen it, press down on the clip to release. This is a much easier process to manage than fiddling with a net pin or rubber enclosure.


The alligator clip is also more secure. The clip doesn’t easily come undone when compared to a net pin closure. This prevents your items from falling out during a wash or from any vigorous movement while carrying it. Never misplace your items again.


Zippered Mesh Laundry Bags – Pros vs Cons


The main advantage of the zippered mesh laundry bag is its ease of use. The zipper can be quickly opened and shut saving you time and effort. This is perfect for tired athletes after training or their game. It’s also great for commercial laundries where large amounts of mesh bags may need to be used on a daily basis.


The downside to zippered mesh bags is that a metal zipper becomes rusty over time, making it difficult to open/close. It may even break. However, this isn’t an issue with Texon’s zippered mesh bags since they are made of heavy duty plastic which won’t corrode or break easily.


Assessing Your Needs

To help you determine which bag is ideal for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:


What is your intended use of the mesh bag?

If you’re opening and closing several mesh bags on a daily basis (for example in a commercial laundry) then the zippered mesh bags are for you. They are quicker and easier to use which is beneficial if you’re processing large orders for your customers.


However, if you want to use mesh bags to keep items organized (such as sporting gear) then you’ll want to use the net clip laundry bag since the alligator clip keeps items very secure.


What items are you going to place in the mesh bag?

If you’re placing large items or a large load of laundry into a mesh bag, then you’ll need a mesh bag that is 20” x 30” in size or larger. If you’re placing items such as smaller delicates then bags sized between 15” x 19” and 18” x 24” will suffice.


Zippered mesh bags are available in sizes between 15” x 19” and 24” x 36”. The net clip laundry bag is available in one standard size of 20” x 30”.


Are you on a tight budget or is money no object?

If you’re looking to keep laundry organized and protected from damage, while keeping your expenses low, then the net clip mesh laundry bag is slightly more economical.


However, if money’s no object then the zippered mesh bags are a quick and easy way to protect your laundry and prevent your clothes from being misplaced in the washer.


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